Interesting Facts about Auli

There is no particular season which is best to explore Auli. You can plan a vacation to Auli throughout the year, and you will surely enjoy it. Auli is famous for skiing, so November to March is the best time to visit as the weather is favourable. You will be mesmerized by the snow-capped mountains and beautiful scenic views of this heavenly destination during these months.

April to June is the best season to explore Auli in the summers for anyone who loves nature. The weather in this season is pleasant, a bit cold, and greenery everywhere. 7-20°C is the range of temperature during summers in Auli. June sees a massive crowd of tourists in Auli, mainly because of the Badri Kedar Festival.

July to October is the monsoon season in Auli. Auli receives a huge amount of rainfall in monsoons. Therefore, it is not advised to plan a trip during this season, as the chances of landslides stay on a higher side, and it is not safe. Temperature ranges between 5-15° C during Monsoon. 

Auli, the Skiing capital of India, is a heaven on Earth in winters. October to February is the winter season in Auli, and the best, too, if you want to enjoy a snow-filled vacation. December-January faces the most amount of snowfall in Auli. The temperature usually drops to -2 degrees C, too, in Winter. You can also participate in skiing festivals and championships organized here in January.